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Facade Improvement Program 2024

SW 9th Facade Improvement Program – For 2024!

$20,000 Single Tenant, $30,000 Multiple Tenants

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Program Overview

  • 50/50 matching grant that requires 50% owner match

  • Grant award up to $20,000 for single tenant commercial property ($40,000+ project)

  • Grant award up to $30,000 for multiple tenant commercial property ($60,000+ project)

  • Grant funds will be issued on a reimbursement basis upon completion of the project

  • The program will be in place as long as funding is available

  • Applications meeting all eligibility requirements will be considered on a first-come basis.

  • All projects must be completed by November 30, 2024

  • Recipients from 2022/2023 program are not allowed to apply until July 1st, 2024

Eligibility Requirements

  • Property must have frontage along SW 9th Street between Davis and Bundy St.

      (Just South of Army Post Road)

  • Commercial and Mixed Use Properties are eligible

  • Property owned by non-profits are eligible (excluding churches)

  • National franchises are eligible if locally owned

  • Primarily Residential Properties are NOT eligible

  • Property must be in compliance with current commercial zoning

  • Property/owner must be current on property tax payments and have no outstanding City or County fees or assessment

  • Property/owner should not have any other public or private liens or claims or pending legal action except mortgage liens

  • If a business tenant is the applicant, the application must also include a letter of support from the property owner and demonstrate that the tenant has a current signed lease of 2 or more years

  • All projects must comply with all applicable building permit, site plan, landscape, and zoning requirements

Eligible Uses for Matching Grant

  • Exterior property improvements that are visible from the street, roofs if visible from the SW 9th street at the discretion of approval from the Friends of SW 9th committee

  • Parking lot improvements are eligible but the project must also include improvements to the building and/or substantial improvements to the landscaping

  • Demolition is eligible if part of a redevelopment project that will replace lost tax base, will have a taxable value (not be tax exempt), and the redevelop project will be completed within 1 year

  • Design fees would be covered if work is completed

  • No reimbursement for self performed work, 100% of materials with submission of itemized receipts

  • Personal exit interview with committee member and owner before funds are released

Program Coordination

  • Applications will be submitted to Friends of SW 9th for review and approval by a review committee

  • Grant agreements and project eligibility will be coordinated and decided by the Friends of SW 9th

  • All invoices must be submitted to Friends of SW 9th and the project must be 100% complete and pass inspection before a reimbursement check will be issued with proof of payment

  • City of Des Moines will have final approval.

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